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Syteria are a band formed by Jackie 'Jax' Chambers Lead Guitarist of
the Legendary Girlschool and are based in Yorkshire, England.
They first came on to the scene with an introductory video for
Christmas late in 2015 called Santa’s Harley.
Then they kickstarted a full on campaign in 2016 self releasing their
EP 'Wake UP' featuring Mike Kenworthy formerly of Raven playing
drums, Keira's (Bass) dad, who helped out whilst they secured a
permanent drummer.
They added the final member of the band with Pablo Calvo, Julia's
(Vocals) little brother, shortly afterwards playing gigs they were
noticed and added to play the Main Stages at major festivals all over
the UK.
In 2017 after a successful Pledge campaign, they recorded their
Debut album Rant-O-Bot and received rave reviews from magazines
and online here in the UK and abroad.
In 2018 Syteria were nominated for an Independent Music Award for
the Album reaching the Final 5.
Syteria continued to play and promote Rant-O-Bot playing major
festivals, Thailand, Corfu, Europe, headline and support shows
throughout 2018 and are currently about to release their follow up
album called Reflection is released on 21st February 2020 followed
by a full UK Tour.
Then a new chapter of Syteria started in late 2019 with Keira leaving
the band due to other commitments and was replaced with Steph
Dawson, formerly of the band Scream Of Sirens.

Website: Syteria

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Illusions of Grandeur “I.O.G.”

Illusions of Grandeur “I.O.G.”, a Theatrical Hard Rock/Fantasy Metal band based in Lancaster, PA. I.O.G. took the PA and NJ scenes by storm, debuting “The Siren Saga” live show. The Siren Saga is a story of the journeys, perils, and triumphs of the Siren and her warriors. The story mixes facts and fiction combining Greek and Norse Mythology, Sirens, Gods, Archangels and Kharon “The Ferryman”.

Part 1, “The Songs of the Siren”, released by Pavement Entertainment on August 30th and available on all digital music outlets.

Since their formation, Illusions of Grandeur have toured in the United States as well as across the UK and Europe, and made appearances at various festivals including Sav Fest, Dewey Beach Music Festival and Witney Music Festival. I.O.G. has shared the stage with artists as varied as DOPE, Motorgrater, September Mourning, New Years Day, Puddle of Mudd, Stryper and Otep.

Illusions of Grandeur’s fierce and energetic live show has gained them a legion of fans dubbed “The Siren Nation” who follow them worldwide, at live shows, and on social media.


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MUDD FLUX “blurs the lines between Rock, Hard Rock and Metal” – Tampa Bay FM.

In 2019 Mudd Flux captured the souls of Mid-America with their debut album “Light the Skies Electric” featuring the singles “All I Am (Am I),” “Cosmic I,” and “Carousel.” Each track is encompassed by the thunderous, articulate roar of the instruments opening an atmospheric space for the soaring, heart-stopping vocals. Written and produced by the group, the album personifies the experience and talent of the whole.

Extensive touring introduced the group to multiple cities, diverse audiences, and annual festivals. Many performances positioned MDFX in support of national acts: Saxon, Texas Hippie Coalition, Davey Suicide, UADA, and Eve to Adam. Festival performances include Rocklahoma, SXSW, and Edge Fest.

Mudd Flux recently released the single “Not Forgotten” with Sliptrick Records, during the Summer of 2020 and are currently in preparation for a return to live performances in 2021, alongside a new single/album release in 2022.

“. . . revels of soul. This is righteousness in full form.” – Internet Radio: Locked and Loaded.


Follow YouTube here: Mudd Flux // Not Forgotten [Official Video] - YouTube