Machined Performance PR Agency


1.Developing Strategies

You can never get your PR project successful without an iron-clad strategy.

2. Media Relations

This is the most important and sought after service provided by PR agencies. As the name suggests, media relations involves the optimum use of media platforms for getting specific messages regarding the client across.

3. Deciding The Messaging Style

More than what a message is, the manner in which it is conveyed is important. PR agencies give utmost importance to the style of messaging that goes out on behalf of their clients.

4.Content Marketing

Nothing stimulates public opinion more than a well-crafted piece of content. Content Marketing has always been one of the most crucial services provided by PR agencies.

5. Social Media Marketing

Every micro, small, medium and large business has a social media presence. Social media has emerged as a highly engaging and influential media platform.

6. Influence/Attractive Marketing

With the exponential rise in the popularity of social media, the popularity of influencers has also increased significantly. PR agencies tap into this popularity and use the same to promote their clients.

7.Experiential Marketing

This is one of the most personal and first-hand experiences provided by PR agencies to the target market for promoting their clients.


Also with our musical PR agency handle businesses and brands, celebrities or any other legitimate entity in the public domain. In return, the agency is paid by its clients in multiple ways:

The client can pay on a monthly basis for a specific term,
• The client can pay on the basis of the project assigned to the PR agency, or
• The client can pay on the basis of coverage secured by the PR agency

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Single, EP and Album Distribution with Revulsion Of Spirit Records/ Ingrooves Music Group.

Major Market Distribution to all Major Online Distributors

Specializing in the genres of rock and metal.

Our network of marketing include

radio promotions, FM/AM radio geared towards indie artists. Secondary stations, college radio,

community and online radio.

TV and film. Submit for song placement opportunities.

YouTube playlisting,

concerts promoters and booking agent networks.

Spotify Curating.

Music video TV.